Life Wasn’t Quite a Melody … Until She Met a Dog

The feature film Finding Joy won Billie an AFTI award for Best Actress, and was the launch feature for the Spiritual Cinema Circle.  It’s an upbeat love story about finding your song and having the courage to sing it.  As Stephen Simon, founder of the Spiritual Cinema Circle said, “It makes you feel good about being a human.”  Laugh and cry as you follow Joy along the bumpy road of self–discovery, courage and love.

Set to the backdrop of the folk music scene in an arty country town, the story shows how the love of a stray dog can change your life. When Joy says yes to Raffi, she steps onto her path of destiny with friends like tarot-card reading Tessa, true love Peter Wolfman, and bucket-loads of doubt.

The film celebrates the universal themes of friendship, low self-esteem, love relationships, and the joy of dogs. It features us (Billie and Andrew) wearing our comedy hats, and is filled with fabulous foot-tapping and soul-stirring folk music to keep you uplifted, inspired, entertained and enlightened.

Cost: $4.99 for unlimited streams for seven days. (Click here if you want the DVD version.)


Here’s the trailer