About Us

Wild Pure Heart is a story studio…

… made up of a family of writers — Andrew Einspruch, Billie Dean, and Tamsin Dean Einspruch.

Our books, scripts, films, and TV projects reflect a world view that is unapologetically vegan, respectful of the earth, radically reverant of nature, animal-centric in its orientation, and seeks paths that decrease suffering.  We also love to lace our projects with heart and humour, and dive into the mystic, giving people stories to make them feel better about the world — to learn, to laugh, and to open the wild, pure heart.

Through our charity, the Deep Peace Trust, we run Australia’s largest farm animal sanctuary, A Place of Peace. This means we spend our days tending animals, loving them, and learning from them. At any time, our old timber cottage is home to any number of lambs, goat kids, grown sheep and goats, a one-legged goose named Gwen, an orphaned brumby foal named Galahad, numerous dogs of all descriptions, and an abundance of formerly wildling cats who love the comfort of food and hearth. It can’t help but affect our writing.

Andrew and Billie come from a background of comedy, treading the boards in improv and stand-up, respectively, having joined forces in 1987 to write and perform as a comedy duo.

We love to uplift, inspire and entertain, weaving humour into many of our projects from our indie feature Finding Joy to Andrew’s series of humorous YA fantasy books, The Western Lands and All That Really Matters.

We’ve written as journalists for a multitude of magazines and we’ve also written children’s books and for children’s television, notably Hi-5 and Cushion Kids for Network 9.

On the other side of things, BIllie gained a gobal reputation as a highly respected animal shaman, communing with animals around the world and also with those who have passed on.  It’s this knowledge that she shared with her signature book Secret Animal Business, which literally changes lives, and with her School of Wyld Shamanism.

Tamsin has written many short stories and been published as a writer and reviewer in Australian Vegan Journal. She has a fresh writing voice and expresses it thrrough the genre of fantasy.

We all love cacao… the super plant! Cosy nights in with a warm fire, loads of animals, a soy hot chocolate, deep conversation and maybe a song, a good book, or engaging viewing – that’s the sort of thing that makes life beautiful.

So we’ll keep writing and hope we make your days a bit brighter with our work.



Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash